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Warehouse storing freight and dangerous goods

7.1 – Personnel preparing dangerous goods consignments – INITIAL

(Personnel preparing dangerous goods consignments for transport by air)

(8 customer reviews)

Initial Course | Shippers and persons undertaking the responsibilities of shippers’, including operator’s staff acting as shippers, operator’s staff preparing dangerous goods as Company Materials (COMAT).

Previously covered under Categories 1 & 2.


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Our courses ensure students become familiar and competent in the use of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. This is achieved throughout the courses with video tutorials and audio instructions, with a focus on using the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations to complete numerous challenging interactive exercises.


Ground crew Loading Cargo onto Airplane

7.3 - Personnel Responsible for Processing or Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments - INITIAL

Ground crew loading dangerous goods onto airplane

7.3 - Personnel Responsible for Processing or Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments - REVALIDATION

7.1 - Personnel preparing Lithium Battery Consignments (Packing Instructions 965- 970 Section I, IA & IB)

Warehouse storing freight and dangerous goods

7.1 - Personnel preparing dangerous goods consignments - INITIAL

7.1 – Personnel preparing dangerous goods consignments – INITIAL

(8 customer reviews)


UK CAA approved training for shippers and persons undertaking the responsibilities of shippers’, including operator’s staff acting as shippers, operator’s staff preparing dangerous goods as Company Materials (COMAT).

The training course can be undertaken in your own time at your own pace. You will have access to a comprehensive workbook with exercises in each section to test your learning.

You will need access to a current IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations to complete this course. This is available to buy or to rent on a weekly basis. Please choose this option during checkout.

This training course covers the following areas identified as a well defined job function:

  • Understanding the basics of dangerous goods
    • Dangerous goods applicability
    • Understanding the general limitations
    • Identifying roles and responsibilities
    • Understanding the importance of classification and packaging
    • Understanding hazard communication
    • Familiarising with basic emergency response
  • Classifying dangerous goods
    • Evaluate a substance or an article against the classification criteria
    • Determine dangerous goods description
    • Review special provisions
  • Preparing dangerous goods shipment
    • Assess packing options including quantity limitations
    • Apply packing requirements
    • Apply marks and labels
    • Assess use of overpack
    • Prepare documentation


Upon successful completion of the training, students must undertake a remotely proctored 1:1 examination.

Previously covered under Categories 1 & 2.


8 reviews for 7.1 – Personnel preparing dangerous goods consignments – INITIAL

  1. Dan Lee

    Welcome to the future of DG by Air learning! Well done to the DG Online Training team for producing a simple and effective method of delivery and learning that sees instant access to the programme performed at your own pace with the full range of back-up and supporting resources to assist your learning and confirming your application of the key learning points of IATA DG by Air. I fully recommended any DG professional to use this route to re-qualify or to get back into the land of IATA DG. For those who are new to the world of Dangerous Goods shipments you should make full use of the instructor on-line assistant facility and the accompanying course manual. You can rewind and do the modules as many times within the generous time window of completion to assist you with attaining full comprehension of the subject. IATA DG by air training has become fun, relevant and ground-breaking – once more.

  2. Adrian Boodt

    A comprehensive and well constructed course that proved challenging but ultimately very educational and interesting. It has certainly made me give greater thought when I fly to my declaration about what goods I may carry on board with me and my responsibilities to the aircrew and my fellow passengers. It has certainly given me greater confidence when handling dangerous goods of which I am doing in increasing volumes/quantities. – Thank you

  3. Becky

    Highly recommended! I took both the Air (Cat 1,2,3) and Road courses. Both were great quality content. The modules were very well structured and educational. There is so much to learn but it is broken down really well. The whole process was fantastic, especially being online, I was worried about taking the info in, but there was no need to worry at all, and both Lisa and Paul are so helpful and supportive. I will be back for more

    • paul

      Thanks for the positve feedback Becky and we’re really pleased you passed the exam! We look forward to working with you again in the future. Paul.

  4. Jim Harman

    Really well structured and informative course, quick bitesize modules, allowing you to either whizz through, or stop and repeat where required, nice quick quizzes in each module, to allow you to instantly apply the information. So great to be able to learn, and take the exam away from busy office hours.

  5. Adam

    Very flexible allowing you to fit around a busy work schedule. I would highly recommend.

  6. Jonathan / Freightair

    Excellent online course, very user friendly and easy to digest the information. Recommed the the online route if you want to fit in around a busy schedule as you can pause and go back to the modules whenever you find the right time. Also the option to do the exam at home/office is very convenient. Thanks for the great service.

  7. Conn Mcilvanney

    Terrific support and guidance from Lisa Horner throughout the Dangerous Goods by Air course and during the exam itself. I found the course and the exam very challenging but Lisa made the whole process straightforward and less taxing. I would not hesitate in recommending this online course to anyone who would be looking for any form of Dangerous Goods training. Excellent all round.

  8. Josh / Dangerous Goods International

    Excellent online course, I highly recommend.

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To undertake a remotely invigilated examination, you will require the following:

  • WiFi connection
  • Photo ID ready to show the invigilator via the webcam
  • A current edition of the IATA DGR
  • A calculator (mobile phones are not permitted for use during the examination)
  • A computer with a webcam and a mobile phone with camera facilities
  • A quite room

Further instructions will be provided in advance of the examination.

Assuming you have referenced the PDF workbook, your next port of call is to contact one of our experienced trainers at info@dgonline.training or call 0800 644 6799.

The training is suitable for students without any previous experience. There are a number of exercises to complete as you go through the training which help to prepare you for the examination. After completing each section of the course, you are provided with a grade. We recommend you retake the section if you do not achieve a score of 80% or more, as this is the minimum grade required to pass the final examination. There is no limit to the number of times you retake each section.

If you are revalidating your current certificate, we will request to see a copy of this before the course is allocated to you.

Once the paper has been returned via our courier service, the exam paper is marked. If you successfully achieve a grade of 80% or more, a certificate, showing our training is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, will be awarded. Electronic feedback will be given to all candidates showing areas of development and strength.

The primary focus of the training is to teach students how to navigate the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. A copy is also required to complete the examination. If you do not own a copy of the current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, we can either sell you a copy at the current market rate or we offer a rental option. For the rental option, we generally take a deposit for the full price of the regulations. This will be refunded after the book is returned minus a weekly hire fee. The current rate is £10.00 per week. The rental fee helps us to offset the cost of the books and to keep the price of the training as low as possible.

The course is managed with a series of modules, with a number of exercises at the end of each one. We recommend that you score at least 80% on the exercises before you move on.  There is no limit on the number of times you work through the modules.

Check the following:

  • Use a Chrome browser.  Internet Explorer creates issues particularly with older versions.
  • Are you using one window to run the course? Running multiple windows will automatically cause the course to stop recording progress.
  • Always close the course browser window and log out from the Learning Management System (LMS) when taking a break from the course. 
  • Change computer.  Virus software on the specific computer can interrupt the running if the course.
  • Change network.  Security settings on company servers can cause issues with the course.
  • Use an incognito window. To do this, you should open an incognito tab in Chrome by clicking on File and then selecting New Incognito Window, once that is done you can login to the LMS using this window and access the content to see if it behaves in the same way.  The reason why we suggest this is because opening an incognito tab strips out any browser plug-ins or default settings which may interfere with the functionality of online content in the browser.
  • Have a computer with an internet connection and audio output.
  • Ensure you are in an appropriate surrounding environment to complete the course materials. Ideally this will be a quiet environment free from distractions.
  • Access to a copy of the latest version of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • A printed copy of the course notes. These can be downloaded and printed from the course. Instructions are shown at the very beginning of the course.
  • A calculator and a ruler.
  • Notepaper.  We recommend making your own notes in addition to the accompanying course notes; these can be taken into the examination.

Once you have successfully completed all the modules, with a score of at least 80% in each, we will email you with a series of dates that are available for your remotely invigilated 1:1 examination. If you wish to attend a more bespoke examination centre, please contact us to make arrangements and discuss the additional costings for this.

An IATA DGR (either your own or one that you have rented from us), photo ID in the form of either a driving licence or passport. We will provide you with a calculator and pen.  The examination is considered ‘open book’ and therefore the candidates should have unrestricted access to the required IATA DGR.

Depending on how much experience you have depends on the length of time to successfully complete the course. We recommend that you work on the training little and often such as 3- 4 hours per day. You can retake the modules as many times as you would like to ensure you have a deep level understanding of what is required. You will have access to the online training for 12 weeks.

Please contact one of our experienced trainers on info@dgonline.training or call 0800 644 6799 to arrange a 30 minute training session.

Please refer to the PDF workbook that is downloadable at the beginning of the training. We will also send you a practice examination booklet once the training has been completed.

Yes, but please note that there is a cancellation fee of £75.00+VAT which will be payable if an examination is cancelled within a defined period of 5 working days.

The examination is regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The time permitted is three hours.

We give you access to the online training for 12 weeks from the date of purchase. If you are struggling to complete the training modules in this time frame, additional access can be purchased on our website at the following link

There is no limit on the number of times you can work through the modules. We recommend you score at least 80% at the end of each to ensure you are maximising the possibility of passing the examination.

Once you have completed the training successfully, we will contact you via email with examination date availability.

Yes, you may. Remember the examination is not a test of memory, it is to ensure you can navigate your way through the IATA DGR competently.


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