We offer the only UK CAA approved online dangerous goods by air training. We are also the only IATA Competency Training and Assessment Centre in the UK.


I found this option to be very accommodating taking into account the ongoing pandemic. I very much enjoyed doing the exam via Zoom and still had to do it under exam conditions… I would sit an exam like this again and would recommend it to others – I’m not normally good under exam pressure but found that being able to take it in a familiar environment put me at ease a little more!

Michaela Walsh. Sample Logistics

The opportunity to do the course remotely was great. It was the only way that I was going to get the qualification without having to wait a year, possibly 2, for the covid restrictions to be lifted. Without the opportunity for remote learning I would never have been able to even get to interview for a career, let alone meet the requirements to apply. It was a very pleasant experience. The powerpoint/video lectures subject by subject were very helpful and easy to follow, even for someone completely new to the aviation industry. The exam was one of the more pleasant exams I have ever sat to be honest. Relaxed and professional with a nice chat at the start and end to round it off and make it a good day. I would sit an exam in the same way again and with yourselves again.

Joe Pimblott

The distance learning and remote exam option was the only option available to me given both the Covid restrictions and also because I was based in the Middle East at the time. It was both easy and convenient; the website worked well, online support was available to me and the exam video invigilation was both robust and simple to set up. Without the product (courseware and exam) that DG Online provided, I would not have been able to gain my qualification. Not only would I not hesitate to sit my exam in this way again, this would be my preferred option in future

Chris P

I took the DG training and exam last year during the first Covid 19 lockdown. This enabled me to gain the qualification needed to continue shipping our products during the restrictions. The whole process was easy and I would sit the exam again this way.

Sara Elmer. Thorn Lighting Limited

I found it very rewarding experience as I could do the learning at my own time and pace. The exam felt very comfortable which ultimately enabled me to feel more relaxed and less nervous due to being in my own surroundings. I would certainly do this again if the option was available

Ashley Thew. Hydro-C

I needed Category 6 Dangerous Goods, due to my role in Safety at Stobart Aviation Services. I was planning to do this pre-pandemic, but once the lockdown was upon us, I was not able to find a classroom course.
I reached out to Ascent Training, who pointed me in the direction of DG Safety Group, and they were able to accommodate my course via distance learning, and remote invigilated exam. I am happy to learn remotely, and overall it was a pleasant experience. Having spent a lot of time on video calls, I was not put off by having the team at DG monitor me closely whilst sitting my exam, and if anything, I felt more supported as I had 1:1 tutor in case I needed to for any guidance. I would definitely continue to use this same method, when it comes to do my refresher in 2022.

Gary Thistlethwaite. Health and Safety Manager. Stobart Aviation Services.

For me to attend a 2 day refresher, not only would my company have paid for the course but it usually involved the additional expense of staying two nights at the venue or a nearby B&B. From a personal viewpoint, it also involved me having to put my dog into kennels for two nights. I found working through the course at my own pace very convenient and any questions were dealt with promptly. This was my fourth requalification and I definitely learnt things I had never been told before. Without the loan of the IATA DGR, I would not have been able to sit the exam. I was very pleased to have the option of sitting the exam remotely. The exam itself was as good as it could be and without the distraction of the whiz kids who complete and leave early.

Joy Day H&S Compliance Manager. Chiltern Connections – May 2021

I can’t fault the training or the way in which the exam was conducted including its security… I would have no hesitation in using this method again for revalidation.

James Goode, Good Packing Company Ltd – May 2021

‘‘… I will undeniably admit that the course material was extremely comprehensive, through which I have gained immense knowledge on DG handling.
I Would like to thank the entire team… who were remarkable in providing constant support for any queries or assistance needed via telephone/emails. I Would definitely recommend this course to any professional; irrespective a shipper, operator, agent or forwarder to get enrolled without any delay.’’

Sukant Das – Sep 2021

We are a small warehouse team of three and have recently undertaken the Lithium Batteries by Air course online. I have to say we were so impressed with the training, presentation and the organisation of our exams under difficult circumstances due to lockdown and COVID 19. Paul and Lisa are both very friendly and approachable and have supported us all so well throughout the whole program. I would certainly recommend their training to anyone considering taking this course. I’m pleased to say we all passed which was a great result.

Faye – May 2020

As a newcomer to Dangerous Goods by Air I found this course extremely informative. Scott explained things in a very clear way which cut through the jargon which can often surround topics such as this. I particularly enjoyed the review quizzes and the fact that the modules could be visited multiple times, even after completion, to ensure all aspects of each module were understood. The course works as well with both electronic and paper versions of the DGR as students can work to their own pace. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to colleagues who are either new to DG or as a refresher to those who currently hold a DG certificate


It’s clear to see a lot of thought has gone into getting across the principles of the DGR via an online medium. I think the way the course material is presented, i.e. by dividing into the sections of the manual, works very well and I would keep to this. It’s been helpful to see slides that are very visual with the use of pictures/diagrams. For example, for a slide describing ‘Unit Load Devices’ (ULD) and a slide informing of ‘Salvage Packagings’, having a picture of a ULD and a salvage package respectively assisted my learning experience as I now know what both actually look like. The DGR contains masses of text which can make it difficult to relate to, so the use of pictures/diagrams really helps to create a positive visual link to the (sometimes unstimulating and) unrelatable text. The more pictures/diagrams, the better. The spoken English language and explanations are very clear and move along at a reasonable pace (i.e. not too fast, not too slow). The review quiz questions have been thoughtfully and nicely designed with user interaction in mind. I was especially impressed with the implementation of the questions that intuitively encourage the user to mark and label the boxes. That part was slick to use and visually very clear and helpful.


Great to finally have an alternative to the classroom based training. Easy to follow, informative, with the benefit of working at your own pace. Allowed me to gain my re-certification without needing to leave the office. Perfect


I just wanted to say how convenient I found the recently completed on-line DGN course. The presentation of content was excellent and on the odd occasion I had a query my question was answered very quickly and clearly via email. Being able to complete the course modules to my own timetable was extremely convenient. I would highly recommend this to others.


The online dangerous goods by air course was very comprehensive, clear, innovative and professional. Being online the course saved a significant amount of time and money over attending a three day classroom course. The ability to repeat content as many times as required to achieve target scores and strong support from trainers when I had questions via the trainer hotline added to the quality of the overall learning package. Given the time saving, convenience and support I will definitely look to complete my refresher training in two years online.


I am extremely impressed with the DG air course I just completed. Having previously undertaken classroom based courses I was concerned that completing an online course (due to Covid) would be more challenging and provide less support. I’m happy to say it has in fact turned out to be the opposite. The online course is extremely easy to navigate, allows you to go at your own pace (and pause it when the kids need picking up from school) and provides practice exam material and review quizzes. All the information was presented very clearly and there was constant support available from the team when I had questions. Overall I’m really pleased with the course and will absolutely be completing all further training online rather than in the classroom. I highly recommend this course.

Jon – May 2021

First time completing Category 6 and found it very engaging and well put together. Sections all put together in a logical format and I appreciated how later sections ‘re-visited’ older material from the start which really helped reinforce learning. Commentary very clear and enjoyed the videos / images that appeared at certain points throughout which helps to mix things up visually. Frequent review questions throughout allowing practice, followed by quizzes at the end of each Section and the ability to go back and refresh any areas if needed. The accompanying document also serves as a really useful summary tool, again to reinforce learning after a session and contains a good amount of mock exam questions to practice before the exam. Course can be taken at your own pace – ‘little but often’ was a good way for me to learn but the option to complete the whole thing across 2-3 days is also there. Caters to most learning styles. Well done team and thank you.

Chris – May 2021

Welcome to the future of DG by Air learning! Well done to the DG Online Training team for producing a simple and effective method of delivery and learning that sees instant access to the programme performed at your own pace with the full range of back-up and supporting resources to assist your learning and confirming your application of the key learning points of IATA DG by Air. I fully recommended any DG professional to use this route to re-qualify or to get back into the land of IATA DG. For those who are new to the world of Dangerous Goods shipments you should make full use of the instructor on-line assistant facility and the accompanying course manual. You can rewind and do the modules as many times within the generous time window of completion to assist you with attaining full comprehension of the subject. IATA DG by air training has become fun, relevant and ground-breaking – once more.

Dan Lee – June 2021


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