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Our courses ensure students become familiar and competent in the use of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. This is achieved throughout the courses with video tutorials and audio instructions, with a focus on using the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations to complete numerous challenging interactive exercises.

Our vision is to maintain a high standard of training, to facilitate compliance and enhance safety through accredited training

Our Featured Dangerous Goods Online Training Courses

Ground crew loading dangerous goods onto airplane

7.3 (H.6.3) - Personnel Responsible for Processing or Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments + IATA Certification - REVALIDATION

Warehouse storing freight and dangerous goods

7.1 (H.6.1) - Personnel preparing dangerous goods consignments + IATA Certification - REVALIDATION

Ground crew loading dangerous goods onto airplane

7.3 (H.6.3) - Personnel Responsible for Processing or Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments - REVALIDATION

IATA Competency Training and
Assessment Centre

Dangerous Goods Online Training Limited is now accredited by IATA as a Competency Training and Assessment Centre to provide online dangerous goods training for specific well-defined job functions in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

As the only IATA accredited training provider in the United Kingdom, we can now offer internationally recognized qualifications for learners that successfully complete an accredited training course with us.

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The Only UK CAA Approved Dangerous Goods by Air Training

Dangerous Goods Online Training Limited has successfully created the UK's first and only fully Civil Aviation Authority approved online Dangerous Goods by Air course.
The course can be streamed directly to trainees around the world, incorporates mandatory IATA/ICAO regulations and achieves the same certification as a classroom course.

According to legislation, all personnel directly or indirectly involved in the transport of dangerous goods by air, road, sea, rail, or inland waterway are required to receive appropriate training.

Dangerous Goods training must be provided to employees for the requirements that correspond to their responsibilities. This training must cover the following:

• A general familiarization course – aimed at providing familiarity with general provisions
• The dangerous goods training must be relevant to the function for which the employee is responsible, and it must include training in the requirements pertinent to that function
• Safety courses must cover handling dangerous goods, emergency procedures, and the hazards they present.

The hiring of an employee in a position that involves the transport of dangerous goods or the processing of passengers or cargo requires training or verification.

In order to ensure knowledge is current, recurrent training must take place within 24 months of previous training.

Upon completion of training, a test must be taken to verify understanding. Successful completion of the test must be documented.

It is necessary to maintain training records, and must include the following:

• Name of the individual
• Completion date of the most recent training
• Training materials used to meet the training requirements should be described, copied, or referred to
• Contact information of the organization providing the training; and verification that the training was completed satisfactorily.

If requested by the appropriate authority, the training record must be made available.


Take your Online Dangerous Goods exam anywhere using our remote invigilation service

No need to travel to take your exam we offer a remote invigilation service so you can take your exam anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Our courses give you complete control over your own learning; you can go at a pace that suits you.
The advantage of online courses is that assessment can become more of an ongoing process. You will benefit from the interspersing of multimedia content and learning materials with short tests, which will help engagement levels and the ability to retain information.

As a result, our dangerous goods online training and multimedia content can certainly be a more effective method of instruction.

Promoting and engaging in this type of online learning can contribute to individual and corporate efforts to conserve the environment and stay on track for their own environmental goals.


Full Trainer Support

Our trainers and have many years experience and are specialists in their field. As trainees progress they can ask our trainers technical questions if they need additional support.

Our dangerous goods by air online training courses contain all the current legislation details you need to successfully pass the dangerous goods exam, and are the only online dangerous goods by air training course approved by the CAA.