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Rishi And Their Review For Dangerous Goods Online Training

It’s clear to see a lot of thought has gone into getting across the principles of the DGR via an online medium. I think the way the course material is presented, i.e. by dividing into the sections of the manual, works very well and I would keep to this. It’s been helpful to see slides that are very visual with the use of pictures/diagrams. For example, for a slide describing ‘Unit Load Devices’ (ULD) and a slide informing of ‘Salvage Packagings’, having a picture of a ULD and a salvage package respectively assisted my learning experience as I now know what both actually look like. The DGR contains masses of text which can make it difficult to relate to, so the use of pictures/diagrams really helps to create a positive visual link to the (sometimes unstimulating and) unrelatable text. The more pictures/diagrams, the better. The spoken English language and explanations are very clear and move along at a reasonable pace (i.e. not too fast, not too slow). The review quiz questions have been thoughtfully and nicely designed with user interaction in mind. I was especially impressed with the implementation of the questions that intuitively encourage the user to mark and label the boxes. That part was slick to use and visually very clear and helpful.


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