We offer the only UK CAA approved online dangerous goods by air training. We are also the only IATA Competency Training and Assessment Centre in the UK.

Gary Thistlethwaite. Health and Safety Manager. Stobart Aviation Services. And Their Review For Dangerous Goods Online Training

I needed Category 6 Dangerous Goods, due to my role in Safety at Stobart Aviation Services. I was planning to do this pre-pandemic, but once the lockdown was upon us, I was not able to find a classroom course.
I reached out to Ascent Training, who pointed me in the direction of DG Safety Group, and they were able to accommodate my course via distance learning, and remote invigilated exam. I am happy to learn remotely, and overall it was a pleasant experience. Having spent a lot of time on video calls, I was not put off by having the team at DG monitor me closely whilst sitting my exam, and if anything, I felt more supported as I had 1:1 tutor in case I needed to for any guidance. I would definitely continue to use this same method, when it comes to do my refresher in 2022.


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