We offer the only UK CAA approved online dangerous goods by air training. We are also the only IATA Competency Training and Assessment Centre in the UK.

Dangerous Goods Training Reaches New Heights

Dangerous Goods Training

Congratulations are in order for Lisa Horner and her team at Dangerous Goods Online Training.  Lisa was recently featured in CargoForwarder Global where she showcased the company’s impressive success, most notably, being awarded their International Air Transport Association (IATA) accreditation earning them the title of ‘UKs first and only IATA Accredited Competency Training and Assessment Centre’.

With this major stamp of approval from the world-renowned organization, Lisa clarified their vision of providing accessible and excellent quality safety training for professionals working with dangerous goods worldwide.

Lisa, one of the co-founders of Dangerous Goods Online Training, shared insights into all things Dangerous Goods Training, discussing how online training offers a convenient and cost-effective no-compromise solution that provides thorough and consistent training on how to safely ship dangerous goods across domestic and international air carriers. At Dangerous Goods Online Training, they strive to provide an engaging user experience delivered both virtually and in person with insights across industries to ensure compliance. Lisa and the team are passionate about their mission to improve safety standards among global carriers.

Gaining this recent IATA Accreditation was no small feat, and required dedication from all the team at Dangerous Goods Online Training, when asked why they decided to take on such a significant task, Lisa explained how this recognition would open up many opportunities for them to provide the highest quality training. Customers can now be confident that their courses meet the international standards required by IATA, as well as the criteria set by ICAO for DGR training and assessment. This is especially important for those already in an IATA-accredited agent scheme, or wanting to become one, as they must show copies of certificates outlining their successful completion of an accredited online course.

Everyone at Dangerous Goods Online Training feel privileged to be able to provide this assurance, meeting both the high industry expectations and ICAO mandatory requirements.

You can read the full interview with Lisa and CargoForwarder Global  here



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