We offer the only UK CAA approved online dangerous goods by air training. We are also the only IATA Competency Training and Assessment Centre in the UK.

Discover the Essential Role of Dangerous Goods Training

Handling dangerous goods demands precision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to safety. DG Online Training, addresses this critical need by offering an array of comprehensive online courses tailored for professionals in the hazardous materials handling sector. A Synergy of Expertise and Compliance DG Online Training’s curriculum aligns with the stringent standards set forth by the […]

Sea Training Courses for Handling Dangerous Goods

the maritime industry

The maritime industry is an essential part of global trade, facilitating the bulk of international commerce. Central to this is the transportation of dangerous goods, a task that carries inherent risks necessitating stringent safety protocols. Recognising the critical need for specialised training, a suite of comprehensive sea training courses has been developed, aiming to fortify […]

Why is Lithium Battery Transportation Training Important?

lithium battery transportation

Lithium batteries power everything from our daily communication devices to life-saving medical equipment and the burgeoning fleet of electric vehicles. Their ubiquitous presence underscores a critical operational challenge: the safe and compliant transportation of these energy powerhouses. DG Safety Group, a UK-based beacon in the realm of dangerous goods logistics, shines a light on the […]

This is How Sea Training Courses Enhance Safety and Compliance

Dangerous Goods Training Courses

When it comes to the  heavily regulated domain of hazardous materials transportation, the importance of comprehensive training cannot be overstated. Lisa Horner, Director of Dangerous Goods Safety Group, underscores the value of a robust training curriculum that aligns with CAA and IATA standards, ensuring businesses and their employees are not just compliant but fully prepared […]

Dry Ice Training: A Must-have for Transportation Professionals

Dry Ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide

The shipment of perishable goods often requires the use of Dry Ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide, to maintain essential sub-zero temperatures. However, the handling of Dry Ice, classified under UN1845 as a dangerous good, necessitates a deep understanding and strict adherence to safety regulations, particularly the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Packing Instruction 954. […]

The Future Works

  The quality of Dangerous Goods Online Training’s innovative approach has been recognised by industry as offering value for money and excellent results. “humbled to be such a small company competing against giants of the air transport industry” See our latest media article in the November 2021 edition of the Hazardous Cargo Bulletin. HCB_November 2021_DGOT_V2


To celebrate being awarded the IATA Competency Training & Assessment Centre accreditation, we are offering a 10% discount off all our dangerous goods by air training courses.